May 14th, 2020

Members of Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies Rock Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” While Social Distancing: Watch

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has kept sharp during the coronavirus pandemic by playing covers with fellow metal musicians while social distancing. He’s posted the performances on his YouTube channel, and for his latest video, he’s once again teamed with Suicidal Tendencies bassist Ra Diaz to play through Billie Eilish‘s pop hit “bad guy”.

Benante (drums and guitar) and Diaz (bass) play along to Eilish’s vocals, and as expected, rock out a bit with the arrangement. For Eilish fans, it hints at what her music would sound like with more of hard rock vibe. As it is, Eilish has already shown her appreciation for heavy metal acts like Type O Negative and Rob Zombie with her onstage attire.



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 May 11th, 2020

¡¡¡Billie Eilish Worked on New Song During Quarantine!!!

Billie Eilish has been having a productive quarantine.

The singer discussed recording new music and fostering dogs in a recent interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.

I know that everybody, like the beginning of this really got to people,” Eilish said. “I didn’t really have that experience because I cheated. I rescued two puppies, or fostered two puppies. I was completely distracted.”

She continued, “We’ve been in the ‘stu,’ which just means Finneas’ basement, basically. We actually, we wrote a whole song in its entirety—an entire song, which is kind of rare for us. I really love it. It was like exactly what I needed to say when we wrote it.”

While she misses touring and performing, saying “that feeling does not exist anywhere else,” she’s trying to remain hopeful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Honestly, I feel great,” she said. “The song I was talking about earlier that we wrote a couple weeks ago that felt so right was … I wish I could sing it for you, but I can’t. It was just about, there was this part in it—I needed to say this—which was I know I’m supposed to feel unhappy right now because of this break and because I’m not seeing anybody … I feel like there’s this kind of thing that I feel like is floating around of like you’re supposed to be missing people. You’re supposed to be missing this person and be missing people in general. I kind of have this feeling of like, I miss my really close friends, I miss people, of course I do, but I also at the same time am liking the space.”

She added, “I’m liking that everybody can kind of grow right now. I hope that people are letting themselves grow instead of just reminiscing and wishing they were with other people.

She also talked about launching her father-daughter Apple Music show, Me & Dad Radio, which debuted on May 8.



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Billie Eilish And Finneas To Perform Virtual Concert In Support Of Small Businesses
 April 23rd, 2020

Billie Eilish And Finneas To Perform Virtual Concert In Support Of Small Businesses

Billie Eilish live-streamed an intimate show from home with her brother Finneas on Wednesday (April 22) as part of Verizon’s Pay It Forward series.

During the nearly hour-long set, the two siblings spoke about the importance of supporting small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to adorable cue cards written by their mother.

We are encouraging viewers to support their favorite local businesses during this tough time; today, we’re giving extra focus to green and sustainable businesses,” Finneas said to kick off the performance. “I guess, to me, tying this back to Earth Day, the things that are sustainable are the things that are the most important in life, cause they’re the things that are gonna carry us forward and lead to a brighter future.

With that, Eilish kicked off her performance with her 2019 single “All the Good Girls Go to Hell,” hilariously clarifying beforehand that “as much as people wanna believe that this song is about me being a devil worshiper and being Satan, it’s not about that. It’s about global warming.

The pop star and her brother/constant collaborator also played through a number of their respective hits, including “Ilomilo,” “Bad Guy” and “Everything I Wanted” by Eilish, as well as Finneas’ “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night,” “I Don’t Miss You At All” and “Break My Heart Again.”

Check out the full set by the superstar siblings below.


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Billie Eilish Responds to Lil Pump Asking Her Out
 April 22nd, 2020

Billie Eilish Responds to Lil Pump Asking Her Out

As one of the biggest stars in the world, it’s no surprise that Billie Eilish has her fair share of suitors — and it turns out that one of the men trying to win her heart is Lil Pump.

On Monday, Eilish took to her Instagram Live to perform snippets of the American Beauty score for her fans on the piano. And even though her broadcast should’ve been about the music, the 19-year-old rapper ended up taking it as an opportunity to spam the broadcast with thirsty comments.

Amongst Pump’s public declarations were things like, “Lemme take u on a date” and “Your [sic] the love of my life.” However, the comment that seemed to finally catch Eilish’s attention was one that read, “Plz lemme wife you.”

And her response? An uncontrollable burst of laughter. And while Eilish initially tried to keep it cool by saying, “I can’t even tell you what I’m laughing at,” it eventually got to the point where she had to unceremoniously shut him down with a final, “No thanks.”

Granted, Pump seemed undeterred, as he followed up by writing, “I’m serious” — though to Eilish’s credit, she just ignored him.

See Pump’s comment, and Eilish’s reaction to it, below.



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 April 21st, 2020

John Krasinski Threw You a Quarantine Prom With Billie Eilish, Chance, and the Jonas Brothers

Normally, if you had to dance with your dad at prom, you’d be hearing about it from your classmates for the rest of your life. Your peers would start a petition to rename your school Remember When Marli Danced With Her Dad At Prom? Memorial High. However, the coronavirus quarantine has softened all of our hearts, and John Krasinski’s heart seemed plenty soft to begin with. That’s why, inspired by the recent viral video of Alabama teen Marli Odgers dancing with her dad in lieu of her canceled school function, Krasinski threw a virtual prom on his Some Good News YouTube channel.

Joining the actor were Least Likely To Be Named Prom Queen And Thus Most Likely To Win singer Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers, with two brief cameos from Chance the Rapper and Krasinski’s Office mate Rainn Wilson. Overall, at least as fun as our actual physical prom, minus the $$$. Hope you enjoyed, Class of 2020!

Source: VULTURE.


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 April 8th, 2020

DAZED: Watch a mini film from our Billie Eilish cover shoot

This mini-film, captured on set by Juan Palacio in the warm, granular style of a home movie shows Eilish meet a family of goats, jump on a trampoline in an over-over-sized puffer jacket and wade into a suburban bedroom with a motorcycle gang.

Watch the film now to get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of our cover shoot, and subscribe to our YouTube for more videos and never-before seen moments.


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‘Stay strong’: Billie Eilish records uplifting video for young B.C. girl battling leukemia
 April 7th, 2020

‘Stay strong’: Billie Eilish records uplifting video for young B.C. girl battling leukemia

VANCOUVER — A young B.C. girl who is battling leukemia for a second time now amid the COVID-19 crisis has been given an uplifting personal message from her hero, Billie Eilish.

The singer of “Bad Guy” and “When the Party’s Over” recently recorded a special video for 13-year-old Kamryn Exley, who cried with joy while watching it from her hospital bed last week.

Hey Kam, it’s Billie. I wanted to make this video and reach out to you and let you know I’m here for you, I love you so much, stay strong,” Eilish says in the clip, which was shared on social media by her family.

I know everything’s really hard right now. It’s crazy what’s going on for you. I’m so sorry, I love you so much. Take care.”

My heart is BURSTING❤️ Kamryns been struggling through 2 different serious blood infections, it’s been a extra rough week on her and today she woke up to a personal message from her idol BILLIE EILISH! The world is in crisis and we are all living in such uncertainty and fear. The fact someone on such a platform would take the time to send a message to brighten our girls day fills our hearts, this is one of my favorite moments ever❤️ Thank you to everyone who shared and tagged Billie, thank you to Olivia Ireland and Nicole Greenwood Kraft for sharing Kams story with the world❤️She is one happy and excited girl today! Nothing could have brightened her day(or life) ever, I think she’s watched this video 100 times already🥰I am filled with gratitude today❤️

Posted by Kam Carrie-dance on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

The Vancouver family also recorded Kamryn’s reaction to receiving the extraordinary gift while sitting next to her stuffed animals. It begins with her mom asking, “If you could have a message from anybody in the whole world, who would it be from?

No, you guys didn’t!” Kamryn replies as her eyes light up.

The young fan then watches Eilish’s message twice in a row, exclaiming “oh my gosh” repeatedly while thanking the pop star for her kind words.

According to the family, Kamryn was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of nine, and spent years fighting it into remission only to relapse a few months ago.

Her sister launched an Instagram campaign in early March urging Eilish to help lift Kamryn’s spirits after the young fan learned her treatments were going to prevent her from attending the singer’s April 11 concert in Vancouver. The show has since been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A personal message from Eilish would mean “the absolute world to her and would brighten her spirits like nobody else could,” Kamryn’s sister wrote.

Soooo amazing❤️ Kamryn Nevaeh Duane Exley Olivia Ireland Nicole Greenwood Kraft

Posted by Kam Carrie-dance on Wednesday, 25 March 2020


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